If your important company data was lost, how long would you be able to stay in business? Do you know your options for St. Louis Data Recovery?

Can you comfortably answer the following questions?

- Do you have a disaster recovery solution in place?
- Do you trust it?
- When was the last time your backup was tested?
- How long does it take to recover data from your current backup solution?
- How long can you realistically be down? 1 hour? 1 day?
- What is the financial cost of downtime to your business?
- When a disaster occurs, is there an offsite copy?

Scary But True Facts About Data Loss

  • Only 34% of companies test their tape backups and, of those who do, 77% have found failures.
  • 60% of companies that lose their data will go out of business within 6 months of the disaster.
  • Over ½ of critical corporate data resides on unprotected PC desktops and laptops.
  • Only 25% of users frequently back up their files, yet 85% of those same users say they are very concerned about losing important digital data.
  • More than 22% said backing up their PCs was on their to-do list, but they seldom do it.
  • 30% of companies report that they still do not have a disaster recovery program in place, and 2 out of 3 feel their data backup and disaster recovery plans have significant vulnerabilities.
  • 1 in 25 notebooks are stolen, broken or destroyed each year.
  • Today’s hard drives store 500 times the data stored on the drives of a decade ago. This increased capacity amplifies the impact of data loss, making mechanical precision more critical.
  • You have a 30% chance of having a corrupted file within a one-year time frame.


Key causes for data loss are:

  • 78% Hardware or system malfunction
  • 11% Human error
  • 7% Software corruption or program malfunction
  • 2% Computer viruses
  • 1% Natural disasters
  • 1% Other

If your company lost it's data, how long could you keep your doors open?

Computer failure and data loss is 100% guaranteed

Your computer data is critical to run your business and your success

If you don’t recover your failed servers and data quickly, costs pile up and your business will fail

Our services will restore your failed servers and data within minutes, not days or weeks! Speak with a Business Continuity Specialist today and protect your business!

The Facts

  • Over the past few years, 35% of small businesses have lost as much as $500K due to downtime.
  • More than 90% of small businesses fail within two years after being struck by a disaster.
  • 50 percent of companies that lose their critical systems for over 10 days never fully recover.

How We Help

Brilliant Backup & Recovery Specialists

We are the St. Louis Data Recovery Experts. The Miller Group’s early adoption of Datto backup and recovery solutions and our ongoing strategic partnership has allowed us to become brilliant specialists deploying and managing backup and recovery solutions.

Unrivaled Personal Attention

Under our services model, The Miller Group becomes an extension of your team -- complementing your internal resources and expertise, with common objectives, sharing risks and rewards. When you succeed, so do we.

Local & Off-Site Backup

We utilize local and off-site backup solutions (hybrid cloud) to improve redundancy and dramatically reduce downtime and recovery times.

Reliable Business Continuity Solutions

We provide a wide range of business continuity solutions that we guarantee will restore and your systems and data and keep your business running with minimal interruption and downtime.

System & Data Recovery Within Minutes

Whether you lose a single server, a complete network or your entire office, we have you covered. Your business will be operational from your local DR or off-site recovery cloud in minutes with instant virtualization.

Each Backup Verified For Recoverability

Our solutions perform a mock recovery and spins up a virtual machine of the backup to verify the backup can be booted in a disaster. The result = system recovery guaranteed!

Learn how it works!


If you are currently relying on tape backups to secure your company’s critical data, financials, and client information you are at high risk to losing your data.

Tape backups have an average failure rate of 100% - ALL tapes fail at some point, and often without any sign or warning. Traditional backup methods, such as tape, disk, or online only, are no longer sufficient. In fact, leading edge business owners are finding them unacceptable, due to their inability to recover data quickly and mitigate downtime.

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